It happened..

I never
thought it would.

I just caught myself looking forward to a work-out.

Now, that’s

Oh well, I
suppose it gives me some sort of freedom. I mean, it kind of breaks up this
huge ‘losing weight and exercising’ thing up into little, manageable pieces.
1. Reserve tickets for the workout class.
2.Go to the gym at some point.
3. Wait for workout class to start.
4. Do all the stuff you are told to do, no more, no less.
5. Stop exercising, you have done enough for today.

This really works for me. I could do these exercises on my own or just go for
walks,  but I kind of need the boundaries.
That’s why I take the classes instead of the commitment-free walk-in hours.  I need some incentive to HAVE to go. And then
I need someone to tell me to stop, that I’ve done enough. It’s just not the
same if I have to tell myself, also I tend to get fraudulent when tired.

I wonder
how long I’m gonna keep up being this focused..

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