‘You sound
like an anorexic’

My colleague
and I are sitting in a dark room. I am watching moving dots.. he’s recording my
responses on the computer. In between trials we talk about my weight loss
‘That’s impossible’  I say, ‘I love food!’.
‘So do anorexics, they love food and
cook a lot’. (But he knows I love to cook so that’s hardly fair.)
‘I bet you weigh yourself every day’ he
continues,  ‘I used to work in
psychiatrics, and we used to see that stuff all the time’.

Ahah! See,
that’s where he’s wrong!  I don’t weigh
myself at all. I don’t even own a scale.

And then I started thinking about why I don’t own a scale..
Well.. firstly, it sort of sets you up for failure. I mean, weight loss takes
time and after you’ve had a hard workout, you want to know whether it worked right
away. And if it doesn’t show on the scale, it’s a huge disappointment.  Even if you look in the mirror and think you
look better, you’re still going to check the scale. And weight loss is a lot
like your bank account, there is never as much there as you thought.  (Kind of like your potential..

secondly, euh.. maybe I don’t have a second argument, but the first one was
pretty good! There are times at which I really would like to know if I lost any
and if so how much. I’m sure it can be very motivating. I just don’t think it’ll
measure up to the potential frustration.  Also, I really don’t care how much I weigh.
Really, I wouldn’t mind weighing a ton if it didn’t show up on my body.

But it
does, so that’s where I focus. Feeling better about the way I look.

If I can do that, all is well.

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One Response to Scales

  1. Mirjam says:

    Hey Josien!
    Leuk dat je weer bent begonnen te bloggen en erg herkenbaar ook! Heb zelf een half jaar geleden de knoop doorgehakt: wou ieg 2 kledingmaten minder. En tja, ik had dus ook geen weegschaal om dezelfde reden, maar die is toch maar gekomen… Gezien ik ook een absolute hekel heb aan die fitness dingen ben ik m\’n eetpatroon maar eens gaan aanpassen. Je raadt het al… sonja bakker… ohw wat heb ik een hekel aan dat mens. Maar ben ondertussen wel al 9 kilo afgevallen, mede ook door paardrijden trouwens (doe ik 1 uur in de week en dat vind ik WEL echt leuk!) Heb nu al een ruime maand een brake, maar gaan er zo weer hard tegenaan ;)Heel veel succes met je \’gevecht\’, ik blijf je volgen 😀
    groetjes Mirjam

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