Sins of the booze..

Ooh I have
sinned this weekend..

is it really a sin when you haven’t really made any solid promises?

I guess it

It started
on Wednesday, when I had a great night out with this amazing new friend. We
went to a Chinese restaurant and did the buffet thing.  In my defense: I was going to have the sushi,
but they weren’t serving any that day, so technically it is not my fault.

The beer, however was entirely my fault. But come on, you can’t have Chinese and
not have beer, right? And we had really deserved it.  We had both had a stressful day, and it was
our first time out together, so it was sort of like a first date. (Without the
worrying if you wore the right underwear ,which is a plus.) Afterwards we went
to  my favorite bar and had some more

When the
lady behind the bar asked us whether we wanted some nuts, we declined
‘No, no! we’re on a diet!’.  She gives us
an inquiring look..‘You do know that beer..’
‘What? You didn’t give us the low-cal beer?’. Yeah,  we thought we were pretty funny..

boozing on Wednesday, and then Thursday there was this promotion of a wonderful
colleague of mine and it would be rude not to have some beers, right? Friday,
me and my bf celebrated we love each other by getting some amazing cheese and
sausage from our favorite Italian store.  And finally, Saturday a friend from Groningen
visited and stayed the night and what is a late night conversation without lots
of wine?

So this
week I have planned three sports activities, and promised I would have no
alcohol the entire week..

 urgh, let’s see how I do..

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