I hurt it through the grapevine..


It’s these steps they make you do in these aerobics classes.  I mean, I understand you need to move around
in a workout, but this woman who teaches my ‘body workout’ class on Tuesdays is
really taking it too far.  She makes us
do these little choreographies with steps forward and backward and sudden
sideways (which inevitably results in my bumping into people) and  some elaborate arm movements.  Altogether far too many limbs to sort out on short

The worst step by far is the ‘grapevine’
(did I tell you about the cutesy names? Argh!) , which is a double sideways step.  I found
out yesterday that  I’ve been doing it
wrong all this time. The teacher lady interrupted the workout and explained
to me that I had to cross the stepping foot behind, not in front of the standing foot in
between steps.  

So, now instead of doing it wrong  but
managing to keep up, I end up falling over my own feet trying to figure out
which foot goes where in mid-step.

Not recommendable.

Today I am
trying out something new called  ‘Sport
games’ which is supposed to be something like the ‘dance dance revolution’
game.  I like videogames, so I might be
okay at this, also I brought my best workout –outfit and .. tadaah .. a towel!

Yay me!

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