Putting it to the test..

The next
two weeks my determination will be tested. My mom is coming over so I will have
less time and opportunity for planned workouts. 
I hope I can sneak in some aquajogging or just some long walks. The
funny thing is, when I found out I couldn’t do my regular ‘twice a week’
routine I was actually a bit bummed! Can you imagine, someone who would
gladly get herself injured just to avoid gym-class, bummed out that she can’t exercise
as much!


By the
way.. the sports-games thing was super fun, and pretty exhausting too. But I’m
actually debating getting a dance-pad myself! Of course, that would mean I would
have to buy a Wii as well.. perhaps with the new Zelda game..  ooh Zelda..

Snap out of it!


Anyways, I
am going to try my best, and if I don’t get enough exercise in, I’ll pick up
the routine after the two weeks. I wonder how I’ll do on food though.  Since I have started exercising, I’ve
lost  a lot of unhealthy cravings. Or
maybe not so much lost them as feeling they were not  ‘worth it’. I still eat (and drink) stuff I
really want. And I guess I’m lucky I don’t really like cake or ice-cream.
Still, sometimes I wonder how I’m doing. I’m sort of hoping that every little
bit of restraint helps.
It should anyway.

Oh well..

Updates on how I did in two weeks!

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