And on a
completely unrelated topic. It has been snowing!
Why we (Kors and I) thought it was a good idea to go cycling through the
snowstorm to do some VUS (Very Unnecessary Shopping), I’ll never know. But we

Kors turned
into an abominable snowman on a bike, and my new red coat got completely
soaked, but the results are very satisfactory. We got this amazingly cute
moving tug-o-war figures, a bike,  a sled  and some awesome fake snow for our
Christmas-village. Yay!

Yes, I know
it’s really corny, but it makes me happy. 
And it’s so great I have a guy in my life who likes it just as much as I
do. We can just spend hours looking at it.. re-arranging it, looking some

Ah.. bliss

PS:  If you really want to get crazy.. check out
the pictures in the album marked ‘Christmas village’

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