calves and shoulders..

And another

I got two
workouts in this week, and the strangest thing occurred to me.  You know how your muscles hurt after working
out because you’ve been using them in ways you generally don’t? The only place I really get that every time is in my calves!

What’s up with that? Does that mean I don’t use my calves as much in normal
life or are all these exercises targeted
at having skinny, well toned calves?  Who’s
in it for good calves? I sure as hell am not!  And what’s with the stupid arm and shoulder exercises? I for one have never heard anyone say: ‘Yeah,
she’s a bit on the chunky side, but she’s got great shoulders’.

But then I
googled (which is something you should never do).  Apparently there are people that worry about
calves, mostly men.. but still

Hmm.. scary

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