I just love the water..

Ok, here’s
where I admit I was dreading my aquajogging class.

But in my defense..
it was really dark and cold out and that generally doesn’t make me feel like
taking my clothes off and getting in the water.

Thankfully, the pool building was nice and toasty and when I was finally in the
water I remembered why I liked aquajogging in the first place. It is just so wonderful
to be in the water! Sometimes I really wonder why I wasn’t born a fish.
(Then  again it’s probably  because I don’t like fish all that much)

I really
enjoyed exerting myself in the water, not having mirrors around me and best of
all.. no socks!

You’d think
I should just start swim training or something, only I am so terribly bad at
the competitive aspect. I have such a hard time when people are better at stuff
than I am, especially when I’m last. I don’t have trouble being the best in
class, but somehow I really don’t see that happening any time soon with my
stamina and body build.

Oh well,
maybe someday..

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