Sinterklaas time..


Not a lot
of blogging this week, but in my defense.. I did do three workouts!

Well, two
.. the third one is today.

And I had
some really great stuff happening to me this week. I got a secret Sinterklaas package
by mail with the sweetest poem, and subsequently had a hell of a time trying to
guess who sent it to me. And another , slightly less secret Sinterklaas
present. The most beautiful whiskey sniffers (see picture below).

Also I’ve
been supervising some classes for medical students. Though it’s not my regular ‘torture
the pharmacy students with gross anatomy’ kind of classes, it’s still a lot of

Yesterday I
did the ‘sportgames’ workout again. I realized why it is such a great workout
for me, even though I really suck at it.  Firstly, there’s no mirrors, which is always a
plus.  And secondly, because of the high
fun factor of the game, the atmosphere is entirely different. There’s less
sense of competition and strain, and more laughter and funny remarks.
Definitely doing that one more often.

So, I’m not sure I’ll be able to blog again this week. I still have to write all my Sinterklaas poems and I have to figure out how to get my ridiculously large ‘surprise’ all the way to Ezinge (No, I did not think about transport when I made it).

Oh well.. 

.<–Picture of my new whiskey sniffers.. aren’t they just lovely?

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