Lucky me..

I got lucky

Yesterday  I was summoned to my undoing. Well.. I had an
appointment with my dentist and, more frighteningly, the dental surgeon.

 I had been dreading it all week.

I mean, I
am not afraid of anything or anybody.. but don’t you come near my mouth! I
suppose it has something to do with the last time I needed a wisdom tooth
removed. I had never had anything done, so the dentist was just a nice man who
complemented me on my teeth every once in a while. When he sent me to the
dental surgeon I never suspected the torture a was going to be subjected to.

Anyway, my
body recovered after 4 weeks.  My mind
however, is still on the fritz on the subject. It’s amazing the kind of
blubbering idiot I turn into at the dentists’.

So there I
was, at my pre-operation check-up, trembling and on the verge of crying. And
my dentist says: ‘But your tooth is fine, you don’t really need to have it taken out, you know, only if you want to’.


That’s where
my world started to get hazy.  I tried to
cancel the appointment with the surgeon without crying and succeeded the third
time.  Then I went home to try and come
to my senses. And now I’m walking around completely paranoid. ‘Do I feel
something in my tooth?, Is it infected?, OMG, maybe it has to be taken out

Oh well..

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