Pride.. I haz it

(No that’s
not misspelled, it’s lolspeak  (

I couldn’t
have had less motivation to go work out yesterday. I hadn’t worked out all week
and I was tired and it was dark and cold outside and I was annoyed with pretty
much everyone.

And the one
time I decide that eating an hour before working out is ok, the instructor
decides to do cardio exercises to ‘really get us tired’.  Argh.
But then the coolest thing happened. Were doing crunches with our legs over the
poolside (which means you either go ‘up’ or you go  ‘blub’).  And..
I didn’t suck at it! I got further up than
most of the girls around me, and I finished the whole set. Effortlessly!  Apparently, all this stuff I’ve been doing is
paying off.

Yay me!, I was soo proud.

And to
think, I was trying to get my boyfriend to stop me from going. You know the old
 ‘ I’ll stay home if you want me to’-ruse.
He didn’t fall for it, ‘I wouldn’t want you to miss out on your workout on my
account’ he said. (He is such a sweetheart.) Darn it!

And it is
his birthday today! And I remembered! Yay! Happy Birthday, honey!

So I’m
leaving you with this really great uplifting song that’s been in my head.  It’s not really seasonal, but  nobody ever made a song like this about rain,
cold and darkness. So there you go..

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