There has not been weekly blogging.
There has not been weekly exercise either..

Erhm, but I’m starting again with my regular thursday aquajogging and I’m taking it from there.
I’m starting on some singing lessons next week, and I’m still figuring out when and where to exercise.

Although vacationing in Gran Canaria (which is what I’ve been doing for the last week) made for a bunch of unexpected exercise! The landscape is so extremely accidented that you’re climbing stairs most of your vacation. Two huge stairs to get down to the beach, some stairs to get to the city centre, stairs everywhere! So I went walking and swimming every day (c..c..cold atlantic ocean
), I even swam with some sealions! (pictures will be posted soon). And I didn’t eat much on account of being sick most of the time. So all in all, this vacation has not been a total loss in terms of my weight loss plans, although I don’t have a scale to prove it. (Then again,maybe that’s for the best 🙂 )

So, a new year , a new challenge, endless possibility!

Phew…I am feeling tired already 🙂

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