I caught
myself smiling to myself in the mirror the other day. No, I don’t have the
figure of Angelina Jolie, but I think I’m starting to see results. Yes, I still
have some flab I want to get rid of, but I’m pretty ok with the way I look. Or
was, anyhow. You always look slimmer in the morning, and it’s a great way to
start your day.

So I was
smiling, and late for work. But I was ok with that too. And then I got outside,
it started snowing. As you might know, I am not overly fond of precipitation in
any way. But I smiled at the snow nonetheless and didn’t even put on my hat
because I thought the snow falling on my face was kind of cute and I started
humming ‘my favorite things’.

Ok, I admit
that sounds a bit trippy, but it’s true!

It lasted
at least a few hours, until I started obsessing about a zit on my chin. Oh

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One Response to Acceptance

  1. Rose-Anne says:

    Way to go, joost! Supergoed! I am proud!x

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