New Frontiers

Not so long
ago, the idea of anyone purchasing special clothing to work out in baffled me.
Especially shoes. I mean, I have never understood the whole ‘let’s go
shoe-shopping for fun ‘ thing anyway, 
but buying shoes especially for working out in??  ‘Sports’ and ‘Shoes’ are both way up there on
my most hated list.

But it happened.
I was buying a bathing suit because during  aquajogging class parts of my body were starting
to jog out of my old one.  And these
sportswear stores! I’d been in one before, but I’ve never felt so.. tempted to
buy stuff. An entirely new experience. So I got some shorts and a shirt (on
sale,  it was my first time after all).

And then a second
surprise awaited me in the shoe store. (I had decided my little cloth sneakers
weren’t giving my feet the support they needed during workouts and I would just
have a look).  It turns out this type of
shoes don’t give me half the trouble regular shoes give me because of my
weird-ass feet. I found several (OMG several!)
pairs of shoes I liked that fit me perfectly. On sale too!
So I got myself some really cool sports shoes (just 5€!) and added some cute
white and pink sneakers for good measure. Gosh, I’ll turn into a woman next..

I can’t
believe how pleased I am with my new outfit, so much in fact that I can’t wait until
my next workout.

This is

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