Monday morning

And it’s Monday morning and the heater is busted again!

Oh well,

Power workout was pretty cool last week. I was a bit worried when they brought out the equipment (stepbox, dumbbells, HUGE weights). But the class was pretty relaxed. Because of all the weightlifting you can’t go very fast anyway, which helps. Also, no weird-ass choreographies, so I could actually keep up and not fall off the stepbox all the time.Yay! So this is a great alternative for when I can’t make the tuesday workout of if aquajogging is cancelled again.

Also, me and my guy are getting our first dancing lessons today. Yay! A dream come true. For me that is, I think Kors prefers a root-canal over dancing any time. He even switched his msn status to: ‘dreading dance class’. Oh well, I guess that makes his even more of a great guy for promising to go with me anyway.

And I just committed myself to going spinning next monday.. not sure if that’s such a good idea..


Here is your tip of the week:

Bad way to start your day:
Busted heater = cold shower

Good way to start your day:
Listening to these songs in this order:

I’m yours – Jason Mraz
Gumboots – Paul Simon (sorry couldn’t find a good link, so bonus track: Mr Rock&Roll by Amy McDonald)
Go Mr Sunshine – Remi Nicole





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