Still Cold

Heater is still busted 😦

Dancing last night was great though. Well, a bit weird at first and I stood on my own feet at some point, oh and I kept bumping into other people. But overall I was pretty happy. My bf is even starting to get a little fanatic about it, which I like. We practiced this morning in our (freezing cold) bathroom!

Also, I’ve planned three workouts this week. Partly because I can and partly because I have sinned tremendously this weekend. It was completely worth it and I had a great time even if I did have my two favorite fat belly foods, first I had a beer night on Friday followed by a cheese night on Saturday. So that’s body workout with crazy steps lady today, power workout tomorrow and aqua jogging on Thursday.  Gosh.. I must be crazy.

I’ve customized my page somewhat, and added a cool thingamajig that plays video. The video featured is one of the coolest scenes from "Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis" , couldn’t find any subs, but it’s hilarious all the same. Go see it if it plays in a theatre near you!

Ok.. gotta work now.

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