Yay the heater is fixed!

Really, heaters aren’t nearly appreciated enough. Ah heat.. and warm water!

Turns out the bozo’s that installed it did a crappy job, which made it leak into its electronics causing a short. Long story short.. We’re lucky the thing didn’t blow up.


Anyway, the salvation was twofold. Because we hadn’t had warm water for two days, I really needed a shower, especially since I had planned a workout yesterday.  And when you put two and two together.. the best solution was to take a shower after the workout.. at the sports centre.  And that meant:

Getting naked with the scary naked people! AArgh!


Thankfully, well sort of, the mechanic called me in the middle of an experiment, and with the help of my wonderful student I could arrange for him to get into my house and fix the wretched thing. So yay, no scary naked people and no more freezing!


Just in time too, it’s snowing this morning.

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