You think you’ve got problems

“ I have the same problem you have”
“Which problem is that?”
“Well, you know, that I can’t wear my brown clothes anymore because I don’t
have any brown shoes”
“What about your gray boots?”
The girl holds up an pair of very fashionable gray boots “These? Well, you can’t
really wear them with brown clothes, can you?”
“I suppose you’re going to have to look for some brown boots then, on sale or
“Yeah, but I don’t think I want high heeled boots”
“What about pumps?”
“This time of year? What I really want is flats, but you know how it is..”

I overheard this conversation in the girls
locker room with rising amazement. My prowess in outfit assembly pretty much
limits itself
to matching clothes that fit to shoes
that fit. And that’s hard enough as it is! How many sets of shoes and clothes
do these people have? And what does the time of year have to do with it? Oh
well, I suppose it’s just as well, it just opens up a whole new world of things
to worry about..


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