The Yoyo-effect

No,  not the one where you work out all week,
think ‘Hey, this is really working!’’  And
then eat three pies to celebrate. But the perceived

I’m talking
about thinking ‘hey, this is starting to work, I look good!’, and then feeling
fat,  ugly and hopeless the next day. I’m
sure it’s physically impossible for you to noticeably gain weight overnight.
Although.. that would mean you can’t lose weight overnight either.. hmm.

Anyway, the
same thing happens when friends don’t greet me with whoops and shouts of “Wow! You
lost so much weight!, you look so good!”.  On ‘yoyo up’- days I rationalize that they probably
never thought I was getting chubby in the first place, or really don’t care what I look like as long as it’s me. On ‘yoyo down’-days I tell myself it’s
because this supposed ‘weight loss’ and ‘looking better’ was all in my head. On those
days, even when my boyfriend says “You really did lose weight, didn’t you?”, I
half suspect him of just saying it to be nice.

So the
conclusion is yet again: weight loss is a partly physical, but mostly mental battle
with yourself. So be nice.

Confucius him
say: Losing weight should be a tool for feeling good about yourself, not a requirement.

Have a nice

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