How far we’ve come

I can touch my toes!!!

While it wouldn’t seem like world news to you, it’s pretty amazing to me. I can honestly not remember ever being able to touch my toes! I do remember endless gym classes where my classmates effortlessly put their palms next to their feet when I usually got stuck somewhere halfway to my knees. And then a number of times during warm ups at workouts. And I guess I just got used to the idea that I was just not that bendy.

And then last Thursday I was in the shower and it just happened! I was just stretching and relaxing a bit under the hot water, I bent over and put my hands on top of my feet without bending my knees! Hm, still doesn’t sound as spectacular as is felt…

Anyway, I’m trying ‘spinning’ today and I’m told it’s pretty exhausting, so I hope I’ll be able to stand up straight at my dance lessons later this evening. Otherwise my boyfriend will just have to kind of sweep me over the dance floor, give it a nice polish.

I’ll leave you with a song that has been in my head since Friday, and not only because of my toes.. 😉


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