I did it!

Another breakthrough..

I kind of enjoyed spinning! Which is really weird for me. Yes, my legs, knees and butt hurt like hell now. Yes, it is a little quaint to hear the instructor (
a short middle-aged man) sing along to the ‘Sugababes’, but it’s pretty cool! No mirrors, no weird-ass steps, no bumping into people.. I might even go so far as to say I might do this again! That is, after the hurting stops.. ouch..

Not only did I rather enjoy the whole spinning experience, but I was so sweaty afterward that I took a communal shower! I don’t think I’ve ever done that in my whole life! And the funny thing is, I really didn’t care. I guess there is a certain optimal point between ‘awkward naked with other people there’ and ‘just so darn hot and sweaty’. Well, I reached that point and went far over. Gosh that shower felt goood.

And I noticed something else.. I’m really not the only one who’s uncomfortable with naked people! I (naked) was asking my colleague (naked) where I could  get some good sushi, and this other girl (fully clothed) suggested a place. She averted her eyes or talked to us with her eyes closed. Exactly what I would do!

So, what have we learned today kids?

Well, pretty much the same as always,
That things that seem scary and horrible usually are not. And that everybody broadly has the same uncertainties and doubts.


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