On my way

This song is in my head today, I’m not sure why but it’s nice and uplifting so what the hey, right? It’s a bit of a silly clip, but who cares.
I’m feeling pretty okay, which is amazing for February.  I’m doing pretty well at the whole exercise thing, more or less at the eating thing. I feel fitter, and I’m finally starting to grasp a bit of the theory I’m required to understand. I even have some interesting results to analyze!

Also.. my guy and me are acquiring great proficiency at dancing the cha-cha-cha and not bumping into people while dancing the quick-step. The latter is no mean feat since the ballroom is pretty full of couples trying to get their steps right and not watching where they’re going. jeez.. they should really have some traffic lights installed there..

Anyway.. here is the song.. enjoy and be on your way!


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