I hate Lunges


.. Lunges!

You know.. the stupid exercise where you have to put one leg straight behind you and then lower the knee belonging to this leg. This means you’re basically standing on one leg, while the other is trying to achieve the impossible. You can understand this raises some gravitational issues, especially when you are expected to carry weights on your neck during the ordeal.

This is a posh way of saying.. I fell over during Power Workout (aka weight lifting class). It’s so embarrassing!  And it just kept on happening!
Sure hope I don’t fall off my bike during spinning… falling over while sitting down..
Yep, that sounds just like me :S


I was re-reading some of my blogs and realized I’ve been doing this crazy exercise stuff since October! Well, to be fair a had a three week break in November and a two week one in December. But nevertheless.. That’s almost…err.. four months? And I haven’t given up yet. Yay me.
Also in my diggings through the archive (you’d think I’d have something better to do), I found I started the blog July 2005! Wow, that’s three years give or take, that I’m writing my nonsense on the interwebz. Oh well, time for a clean-up and reconfiguration of the site, I guess.

I’m working on it , meanwhile enjoy this hilarious song. It’s a classic, but I always thought it was by tenacious D, which it turns out it’s not.


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