So when I finally decide that I should maybe start swim-training, the news hits the stands that swimming makes you fat.


Well, it’s not the swimming per sé, but the cravings you have after being in cold water. Chocolate and such. Which is true, I generally want to have some fries with a large blob of mayo and some chocolate after swimming. (Or, err.. pretty much all the time.. does that count?)
Also, it’s supposed to make your body want to store more fat. This sounds a bit strange to me. The part about the cravings I understand. In my experience though, after I had a really vigorous workout cravings are pretty much the same: WATER! and maybe something light to eat. So yeah I suppose, a minor workout in the water makes you crave all kinds of stuff, but I’m guessing it’s the same for all minor workouts. It’s called ‘working up an appetite’.

Oh, well.. we’ll see. Meanwhile I’m planning spinning sessions.. and…. gasp.. looking forward to them!

Also, I’m looking around to do more singing. I’ve signed myself up to a television program that looks for singing talent (don’t worry, not Idols). I’ll see where that brings me when/if I get the call. Also, this group in my neigborhood is doing a adaptation of  ‘Il nozze di Figaro’ (my favorite opera!) and I applied. I got this really stern letter from the director about there not being any lead role left and that I was allowed to audition but that everything depended on her and some ‘Jarno’ guy liking me. brr

More on that next week…

(whoooooh… real cliffhangery

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