The heels-down approach

‘You’re too much on your toes’
‘Yes, I know, my shrink said the same thing. I know I shouldn’t worry so much about what other people think. But it’s hard you know…’
‘No, I meant you’re over straining your knees, you should push your heels down’

My spinning instructor walks away shaking her head, and I remember that I’m in spinning class, not therapy. But it turns out it works! When I push my heels down instead of my toes, my knees don’t hurt nearly as much! And when I think about it.. I’ve always had problems with my knees, and I have a tendency to walk on my toes since I was little. This probably explains why I’ve been having these muscle-aches in my calves after upright workouts, I probably do those on tip-toe as well!

So no more tip-toes! You know.. that could be a lesson for my personal life as well. Spending too much time on tiptoe can over strain parts of you. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?Now if only I could find the part of my personality that could be a good metaphor for my knees..

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