Yay! It happend!

Yesterday a good friend of mine dropped by and one of the first things she said was: ‘Wow! you lost weight!’. Yay yay yay *happydance*. Yes, it’s
pretty stupid but it’s nice to know it’s not all in your head. It was
great to see her and cook for her again.

I got in! I wnet to the audition all nervous and sweaty and I did a
very bad audition as well. Ridicullous,  a song I’ve known for years
and can sing in my sleep! And I FORGOT THE WORDS! How can that happen?!
Oh well, they thought it was good enough and really wanted to work with
me on my nerve-issues. And they said I had a strong, beautiful voice.
You can’t imagine what that does to me. Someone saying that, especially
if they are, you know, professionals. That’s even better than the
weight-loss thing!

I suppose I shouldn’t get so hung up on what other people say so much
and try to happy about myself without needing reassurance. But it’s
nice, you know. Some recognition…

I get to be in the Dutch version of my favorite opera ‘Il nozze di
Figaro’, Yay! I get to be in the choir and possibly one of the flower
girls from the scene embedded below. Humble beginnings, but that’s just
fine with me. Not to much pressure, just singing and enjoying myself..


And there was much celebration and whoops of joy… 

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