A normal head

And that’s a 2 points for my weight loss and a 0 for my head!
My almost-sister-in-law told me I lost weight as soon as I walked into her house. And she saw me last in January! So this spinning thing must really be paying off! So I tried on some of my old blouses that I threw in a corner because buttons kept popping loose, I got into them perfectly! Without bulging anyway. So I thought I might just as well move on to the ‘piece de résistance’ , the Evil Pants, and get it over with. Turns out, they hardly gave me any ‘résistance’ at all! Yay and hooray.

And it’s especially lucky that my passport needed renewing just this week. Which means: skinny passport picture! And it really came out great! One of the first passport pictures I’m actually happy about. The photographer gave me the weirdest of complements. We were talking about the silly new regulations for passport pictures, and he said ‘at least you have a normal head’. Well, I’m certain nobody’s ever told me that before! Usually in fact, I’m told the opposite..

So ever since I’ve been trying to make steps towards having a more normal head. I’m doing so much at the moment I tend to slip into overdrive, and I can hardly keep up with my own thoughts. When I cycle somewhere I get there drenched in sweat because I cycle too fast (yay for spinning). I talk too fast, walk too fast, write too fast.. well you get the idea..

So I’m trying to calm down without losing momentum, and this song is great for that mindset, enjoy!


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