Okay.. so when my bf called me yesterday afternoon, I thought he’s just be fuming about me being late. Turns out he wasn’t the one who was fuming..


Yep.. that’s MY house to the right!! Well, not technically mine, but I live there. And at this point Kors was still in there! he thought all the noise and explosions was just the guys renovating downstairs.. When he finnally went to look he saw the fire through the bathroom window..


In this picture my house is somewhere to the left of the ff-ing huge fire. Turns out the guy in the camper saw some flames in his rearview mirror and made a dive for it, leaving the camper to its flaming demise..

Thank God (or any other willing deity) no-one got hurt. And by some ridiculous stroke of luck our house was the only building that did not sustain any damage. So there you go..

Swimming was okay by the way, but I’ll tell you about that some other time, like when my street hasn’t been on fire or something.

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