About the ideal body..

A very dear friend of mine came to visit me this weekend. It was great to have her in my relatively new home. Just her being around makes me feel more at home here. But then of course, I’ve known her for ages. She was working on weight loss long before I ever considered it and it shows. I just wanted to slap her for being so slender and pretty. (But apparently ‘ that’s just not what friends do’).

I very often see women who have beautiful bodies I would murder for, and yet I hear these women talk about themselves with so much doubt and dissatisfaction. What a waste of a good waist 🙂

Anyway, there’s two things I want to show you. One is part of a home video from last years’ vacation, I showed it to my friend and remembered how special it was. And then I thought of putting it on my blog, yay! It’s a permanent window under ‘pictures’. The other thing is Dylan Moran’s idea of the ideal body..



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