Change.. yes we can!

So here are the pictures I promised. I don’t have the one that triggered my weight loss frenzy, but I do


have one that was taken around that time. I had it taken because I had just been on vacation and had a bit of a tan. I was wearing my favorite outfit, and my hair was nice and blonde from the sun. I was pretty ok with it at the time.. although my head did look a bit pudgy.

Don’t worry about the weird smile, I don’t smile well on pictures, I always look like I’ve just eaten a bunch of bad pickles or something.

And I just hate the way my glasses make me look in pictures.. Oh well, sooo.. here’s the picture I told you about a few blogs ago.  JB2009

It still has the glasses problem, but I’m not smiling because it’s for my passport. See?! Much better!

Although I should get my hair done again. The blonde does kinda look nice doesn’t it? And the best part is.. They didn’t even use this picture! They used the one without glasses! Okay, I still look like I’m JB20091looking at a ferret with a chainsaw. But a huge difference isn’t it?

Well I’m pretty glad about it, and motivated by it. Tomorrow I’m spinning with the ‘preacher’again.

Less motivating but kinda fun to look at. A very old picture, from when I was 18. Yes, I was once that skinny JB2000..

And the smile.. My friend was standing behind the photographer yelling ‘think about sex!’





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