Spirit of the warrior

So spinning was lots of fun yesterday. Well, maybe not lots of fun, but I liked it.
like I said, the ‘preacher’ instructor taught the class, and he was great! Imagine a young guy with a trained body in a sweaty shirt. With a face that really reminds me of Blackadder’s ‘Lord Percy’.

percy2  (<- This is him right here.)

  Who spends the whole class saying stuff like : “YOU are great!”, “This music is POWER, FEEL it!” etcetera etcetera. And at the height of excitement he starts yelling “KI’A KA’HAR!” (or something).

Now I’m probably the only one in there  who’s wondering what he’s yelling about. But I’m a very language oriented person. I can’t help it. So I did some googling. Turns out it probably means ‘Spirit of the Warrior” , which is something else he tends to yell at us.’

”Spirit of the WARRIOR!”. It’s supposed to make you pump your legs up and down even faster. Well, at least it’s more imaginative than ‘”Go faster you guys!”, cause that really gets old after a few repetitions…

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