I got the link to this from a friend. It’s a nice poetic, melancholic pretty little movie with multiple levels. The description on YouTube reads:

For an imaginary friend… Living an imaginary life… There’s nothing worse than being forgotten…



Now I feel all guilty for letting go of my imaginary friend..
On the other hand, most of them were horses anyway.. I remember running around with one hand up in the air pretending I was leading a horse by the reins and then imagining a whole bunch of them following me around.

There is one distinct moment that stands out in my memory: My older sister telling me to cut it out because it looked stupid (which it undoubtedly must have) and my dad telling her to leave me alone because it made me happy. Not sure why I remember that so well, but I do remember that it did make me happy, having those horses around. Maybe I should find the pasture they stay in these days and bring them some carrots for serving me so well in those years..


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