When in Germany…

barstool So.. Like I said, they conference was loads of fun and very educational. I saw the DPZ, which it is just an amazing facility we can only dream of having. I practiced at networking too, which really means that I ran around bugging people a whole lot. Oh well, at least pretty much everybody in the trade knows who I am one way or another. I even asked questions during the lectures! Yay me!

And I sampled the local beer.. err a lot. And when I say sampled..

Ok, I fell off my bar stool at one point.
(or so I was told when I inquired after the provenance of the bump on the back of my head)

Also, I did most of the navigation to and fro and in the city. And we didn’t even end up in Paris. So yay me again! You know, the passed few days I have really learned that things aren’t nearly as hard and scary as they seem most of the time.

That, and to wear a helmet next time I go drinking 🙂

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