Procrastination can be fun

My little sister sent me this link in a comment to my blog about Tagoria (thx sis!). It’s hilarious and very true. Stuff like that happens to me all the time! No wonder I can’t get my article done.


Article? What article? The one I should have a first draft ready of on May 8th. Yep. And I actually want to start on another one and have both ready by the end of the year. See, it’s not that I’m lacking in ambition, it’s the discipline that’s the hard part. I really want to write, I just can’t get my brain going, not even with coffee, that just makes me jittery and annoying. More than usual, I mean.

Oh well.. I’m off to spend some three hours in an MRI scanner and have my fitness tested afterward (not related to the MRI experiment, but to the unholy idea of starting fitness training). Also, I hope to get a personal fitness plan made for me this week. I’ll keep you up to speed on how that goes..

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