Suzi Q (there is still hope)

I am of that age now that my friends are starting to have babies. Now I have always been (and still am a bit) afraid of babies and everything to do with them. Not to mention the whole child bearing process and the life changes that it brings along.

That is why I was so shocked a year or so ago to hear one of my friends was pregnant. She is about three years younger than I am and was still studying at the time. Ever since I have been bombarding her with incredulous looks, comments and questions. And she has always been patient with me, which is amazing.

What’s even more amazing is that she has managed to get her degree, a good job and a beautiful  little girl all without changing a bit of her rock&roll lifestyle, personality or her razor-sharp wit.suzi

And now she tells me about her Suzi singing along to Janis Joplin’s “Try (just a little bit harder)”. That takes away the last of my fears and doubts about having children (not that I want to have any right now, don’t start sending me shower gifts just yet). If a kid can turn out like that, singing Janis Joplin before she can speak (apart from ‘TA!, which means ‘gimme!’), then there might still be hope..

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