Pedal(ing) to test my metal



So yesterday I went out and got a fitness test done to make a start with my ambitious fitness plans. I  had to wear a belt to measure my heart rate and peddle as fast as I could with increasing resistance.

Turns out: I’m in pretty good shape! I got a six on a scale of one to seven! Four is supposed to be average! Yay me!

So I went overboard and got myself my very own heart-rate training belt thingy and a ‘personalized’ training program. It’s not exactly personalized because it’s a standard program for everyone who starts fitness training 😦 .

Oh well, I suppose I just have to hang on until I’m allowed to specifically target my back and belly like I wanted to do in the first place. The fitness dude told me than you burn more calories when you have more muscle, so maybe it’s just as well. I’m just not getting on any treadmill, those things scare the hell out of me!

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