Writing! on a clean slate..



Ok I haven’t been blogging because my computer exploded yesterday. Just my luck;  I spend an evening writing (after spinning! I guess some of that ‘ YOU make the DIFFERENCE’ and ‘Spirit of the WARRIOR’ stuff finally got to me), and the next morning I come to work and the blue screen of death is blinking at me from my desk.


So I spent yesterday catching up with my literature, while my poor pc was being re-installed. Thankfully the piece that I had written was rescued and so was most of my other stuff. My cute avatars didn’t survive and neither did my kick-ass desktop. But all that can be fixed.  It kinda feels nice starting over with a clean slate. The only problem right now is that I have no java-player or anything installed so I can’t see the video’s I want to post :S

Oh well,  better get back to writing..

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