Ain’t that the cutest thing..  Well, it’s not mine of course, but isn’t she just precious? (and don’t I look good in the picture:) ) . We were visiting some friends of ours who had just become the parents of this little girl. As is custom in these situations, we got to hold the new baby.

These days I’m not hardly as petrified of this ritual as I used to be. I would be awkward, tense, and absolutely certain that either I or it would do something horrible. (In my case: drop the baby, In the baby’s case: cry and puke all over me. Fortunately only the last thing would happen :S ). But I’ve changed I guess. As you can see in the picture, my usual grimace of fear mingled with disgust has given way to.. well it sort of looks like a smile anyway, if you squint.

Oh well, guess you live and learn..

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