Hi all. There has not been much blogging going on lately, but that’s because I am Writing! Yay! I just can’t say it enough, I am really amazed at all this inspiration and fun I am having. And weird ambitions. I mean, it’s not like I have the paper finished yet, and already I’m thinking of writing another paper and making a poster. Seriously, sometimes I just want to hit myself over the head with a stick.

(Like in the Lion King; ‘Bwhahaa! not the stick!, you follow Rafiki, he knows the way’ )


Anyways, in the spirit of the weird Disney phase I’m apparently having, here is a fun clip I found on teh interwebz. Please enjoy and don’t mind my melting brain..

PS: Sorry about the bad layout.. I still haven’t figured out a way to see what the hell I’m embedding, but I’m working on it. So bear with me please, preferably not using an actual bear.

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