The new me

Well, part of her anyway..

When I was in Germany, someone stepped on my glasses (fortunately, they were not on my face at that time). I got a German optician to look at them by pouting and acting all cute and helpless (‘ bitte, ist kaput, hilfe, hilfe’ ) and he fixed them for me. He did warn me that it was a emergency fix and that they would soon come apart again*. Anyway, I needed new glasses.bril

It’s always a bit exciting for me to buy new glasses. I mean, they are on my face 24/7. They determine how my face looks every day. And I only change them once every four years or so. First, I thought I’d get contacts because they looked so pretty when I was 18. But the dude at Specsavers wanted to get me soft contact lenses, even after I told him I had an astigmatism. Well, he wouldn’t back down and got me some soft contacts that move with gravity, resulting in a big blur whenever I turn my head sideways. (Like when I lie down on the couch to READ). Plus, the right lens wasn’t even the proper strength. When I came back to complain I fell in love with a pair of glasses, and I bought them.

Oh they are sooo cute! I am so happy with my first pair of really snazzy, sexy glasses instead of the boring plain ones I used to wear. They did get me pretty reasonable contacts now (although they still shift with gravity), but I think I’ll just leave it. I just love these glasses!

(That is, as soon as they get the prescription for the right eye right. I keep bumping into stuff)


*I am still hoping he wasn’t hinting at my drinking habits.

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