Are you eating enough?



Well, there’s a question I don’t often get asked! My spinning instructor had noticed my yawning  during the class and asked me whether I ate before working out. Of course not. I try to eat as little as possible without going hungry.

Turns out, you’re not supposed to do that. You’re supposed to supply your body with the carbohydrates and protein it needs to work out or something, to promote muscle growth. When you get more muscle growth, you burn more calories in daily life and that is supposed to make you lose weight. At least, that’s what he said.

This kind of hits me in my weak spot, my routine. I like my routines. And now I had to change them. So now I have a pretty large breakfast (two slices of rye bread with cheese spread en a bowl of full fat yogurt) , a moderate lunch (one or two cheese sandwiches and fruit) and a small portion of whatever I’m having for dinner. Instead of having a small or no  breakfast and having a huge dinner.

I still get the idea I’m gaining again, or at least not losing as much as I did. Oh and I still haven’t started fitness yet. I really feel like such an ass that I’ve still been too afraid to go. It’s just so uncomfortable to go somewhere for the first time and not have someone tell you what to do. And I’ve been sick too..  ‘cough’ .. ‘cough’..

really! I swear!

Oh all right, next week ok? I promise!

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