So, I’m sitting at my desk with my student and we’re working at a really ingenious part of our project. We’re both excited and really focused, and then my phone rings. Once, it’s an mms. I think, “who would possibly want to send me an mms at this time of day?” And when I finally get to look at it, I still don’t get it.




And all of a sudden I spot the big brown blob in the middle…





   It’s an elephant! ->




And then my boyfriend calls me: ‘ I got us front row tickets for the circus, are you mad at me?’. Mad? Hell no! They have elephants!


oli3We have this silly tradition of going to the circus in April ever since we went to this little rickety circus in Haren. The benches we so old that someone went through them at one point. The girl on the tightrope was a bit on the chunky side, and the rope wasn’t all that tight to begin with. Acrobats needed to be hoisted up to the rafters by the clowns.. It was so cute.  They even had lions! But the main spectacle were the two elephants. They are just these amazing creatures, you can’t help but feel humbled and seeking when you experience them up close and personal. They were staying outside in a pasture, so you could come and look at them before and after the show. When we did, I got to touch one of them. It was almost a religious experience. I am so happy I have a picture to remind me of that solemn moment that I got to be in contact with the most impressive creature on earth


I swear, if I got the chance, I’d just quit science and be an elephant circus person…

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One Response to Elephants..

  1. Flora says:

    do you remember the 7 year old girl sitting on an elephant!she did not rest till we put some money down so she could sit onthat elephant

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