Here I am sitting at my desk. The situation is perfect. I have the office to myself, there’s hardly anyone here. I am well rested and I have all day. I am really motivated to write. I know I have a lot to say on this subject, enough for three papers. I also know that I need to have this draft finished by Thursday.

So what is holding me back? Well, firstly there is some stuff I’m not sure I can do. It involves some programming and some decrypting of my supervisors code to be able to use it myself. Also I’m not sure I’ll be good enough at explaining some of the models I’m using, whether I’ve understood them correctly.

The point is. I could start by doing the stuff I can do. But for some reason I keep holding myself back. So I browse the web some more. Play some Tagoria , look at alphainventions, and check my favorite comics. Then I get a mail from the Scott T Marcus webpage with a column on fear of trying.

yup.. guess that’s a sign.


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