Circuses and Circles


All this talk about elephants the last few blogs sparked a memory in my mind. I sat on an elephant once.. Long time ago. And when my mom reminded me about it in a comment on my blog, I knew I had to go look for the picture.

I had it on my bedroom wall for ages when I lived at home, and thankfully I had the sense to take it with me when I left. So here it is!  very old Polaroid of me and my little sister on an elephant!

I remember distinctly wanting to touch the elephant, to really connect to it, and I did. I did end up in a bit of weird pose but what the hell. I’m really glad I did it.


As for the circle part, sixteen years later I’m back at the circus, and just as excited. We sat front and center for the show last Thursday. It was really amazing having the animals so close. (Which had the downside of almost having a spooked horse on our laps during the horse number*)  I spent the whole time in sheer wonder and fascination. Not only at the majestic animals but also at the subtle way their trainers communicated with them. I truly do not believe these animals are treated badly or exploited as so many animal activists claim. I’m pretty sure  more animals are mistreated in homes by well meaning pet owners than there are in circuses or laboratories. Gosh here I go again on my crusade..

Never mind, just go to a circus near you and experience the marvel!

*hence no pictures of this particular number

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