Stuff I want from teh interwebz



Since my birthday is coming up, people have been asking me what I want. This is a deep philosophical question which requires rigorous introspection. If you get down to it, what do any of us really want, I mean really?

Well I know what I want! I want a great scientific career, eternal beauty, a horse and all of those other things that aren’t easily gift wrapped (ever try gift-wrapping a horse? It’s a huge hassle). So I turned to the source of all knowledge: the internet, or ‘teh interwebz’ as it is lovingly called by those who trawl it.


I found out I really want a Nabaztag! A what? Yeah, click the link baby, you’ll want one too. Or click the cute little electronic bunny (hint: it’s a Nabaztag!).  I  also want all the stuff on Thinkgeek, well maybe not the Yoda-backpack or the weird caffeinated stuff, but damn near everything. Especially the ‘grow your own dinosaur’ pack. This allows you to hatch your own prehistoric triopses! How cool is that?

And I’ve been thinking for a while now that I need cooler shirts. I’ve always had some texts of my own that I’d love to wear on a shirt sometimes, but I never seem to quite get to it. But there are pretty cool ones on the internet. Like these for example:


These are from Snorg tees who not only have the funniest prints, but also allow you to print on pretty much anything you can think of.Fun huh?

Anyways, in fact I don’t really care what presents I get. I’m going to have people I love around me combined with music, good food and lots and lots of drinks. The fact that these lovely people (you know who you are) are in my life and want to celebrate with me is more than enough for me.

Does that still sound believable after all this hintfull link-posting?

Err.. I sure hope so ,

oh well.

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2 Responses to Stuff I want from teh interwebz

  1. Flora says:

    he ! die triopses kun je lekker kweken voor in de nasi

  2. Flora says:

    dat konijn zou ik persoonlijk na een week gillend uit het raam smijten!

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