It’s epiphany-week! I’m having all of these weird revelations, some about which I’ve already blogged this and the previous week. Right now I’m having lyric-epiphanies, which are not as spectacular as the philosophical epiphanies, but nevertheless..

The Dave Matthews band song ‘So much to say’ is sung by a guy who isn’t very intelligible in the first place, but there’s this part in the chorus where I used to hear:

“Here we have been standing for a long long time
Tripping trotting trades for a long long time”

,which made no sense to me at all. The other day I was listening to the song again and all of a sudden heard ‘treading trodden trails for a long long time’. I stopped what I was doing and tried to convey my findings to the world. Which resulted in my shouting: ‘hey! he sings *trebeltroublegarbl!’ (it’s pretty hard to actually say it without being mentally prepared).

It was the same with Keane’s ‘This is the last time’. I’d sort of made my peace with the lyrics saying:

“This is the last time, that I will show my face
One last dandelion, and then I’m out of this place”

Ok, what’s up with the dandelion all of a sudden? But hey, their lyrics tend to be a bit cryptic and I vaguely remembered a video clip with them playing the song in a forest. Who knows, maybe they’re just really into plants. The epiphany happened this morning, when I suddenly heard: ‘one last tender lie and..’. This time I didn’t try to tell anyone about my discovery. Some things are just better left unsaid*.

Dandelion.. What was I thinking?

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One Response to Dandelion

  1. Katrin says:

    So great I found your blog!Now I know what a Dandelion is :)Always called it the butter flower or Taraxacum.Cheers,Katrin

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