The turtle moves


So there I was at cafe Odessa at the Tuesday Night Live jam session. Now there are jam sessions and jam sessions, but this was a particularly good jam session. Great musicians, and some great singers too.

Ever since I know about jam sessions, I’ve been trying to do Janis Joplin’s ‘Turtle Blues’ at one. But for some reason it never really happened. The musicians didn’t get it or know it or it was vetoed by the session leader. I’d had thought about going up there this time and just ask them if we could do it but darn, with people that good.. it’s kind of daunting.

But after a while the intimidatingly good female singer had left and I had had some beers (Chouffe, go figure) and suddenly I found myself on the stage asking for a blues. The pianist started playing a shuffle but the guy on the drums looked at me and said: ‘no, not a shuffle.. a real blues, you know..greasy’.’Like motor oil’ I offered. That struck a chord (har-har) with the bass player and the guitarist, and there it was.. 

Janis Joplin’s Turtle Blues

This time everything was right. The sound, the beat, my voice.. everything! I shamelessly screeched and moaned whenever it felt right and just.. I don’t know. I think its the first time I sang so freely. I am usually chided for not singing loud enough, for not having enough ‘power’ when singing in public. It’s mostly because I feel inhibited or insecure. But not this time..
This time I was told by several people that I sang too loud! Yay! I think it’s the first criticism on my singing that I’m actually glad of.  Oh and they did like it, everyone did. So hurray for jam sessions and a double hurray for Janis!

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One Response to The turtle moves

  1. fransien says:

    Stoer dat je dat gedaan hebt zeg, dat had ik wel mee willen maken. Ontzettend grappig plaatje van discworld trouwens. groetjes Fransien

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