Freeway vs. Rollercoaster

I went driving this weekend!! Gosh I can’t believe how much I LOVE driving. My boyfriend decided it was a good idea to give me three days in a rental car as a present for my birthday (and it’s not even my birthday yet!). So we rented a Ford Fusion* automatic, and off we went!

Special kudos go out to Kors for staying relatively calm in the face of my limited driving experience and the Dutch traffic situation. He would just subtly brace for impact and not shout: ‘OH MY GOD, what are you DOING!, which I’m sure he wanted to several times.

But we survived and I absolutely loved it. Gosh, who knew the freeway could be so much fun? We went to Kranenburg and back for some supplies (beer for Saturday!!). To IKEA in Duiven and then straight on to Kors’ parents in Apeldoorn. The next day I had a rehearsal in Batenburg, which we found after only minor digression (if it wasn’t for Kors’ navigation. I would have ended up in Moscow).

efteling_pythonefteling1And my great weekend was concluded by our amazing trip to de Efteling! That theme park just never ceases to surprise and bring the kid out in me. I just feel like skipping and dancing when I hear that music in those fairytale surroundings. We went on all the rides, even the very scary ones I generally am afraid to go on. Even on the python, a double looping, triple corkscrew rollercoaster. And it turned out to be so much fun! A lot like driving on the freeway, mostly scary in the anticipation, but you want to go again as soon as you get off it.

Anyways, I’m returning the car tomorrow..


*zomg that is a big car

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