Addiction thy name is..

Farm Frenzy 2! farm-frenzy-2-screenshot-small2

ostrichI guess  I should have known better.. But when my hard working very serious colleague Joke told me about her new addiction involving clicking on eggs and stuff, I thought there’d be no harm in investigating this new interest of hers..

And then it was too late..

It was Farm Frenzy 1 all over again (well duh) But this time  there were ostriches and airplanes to make things even cooler!bear

So here I am clicking away at eggs and pastry and fretting about bears falling from the  sky comin’ to kill me chickens. (Did I mention there are panda’s and polar bears now?). I did think about something though, are these bears in any way related to the famous dropbears? They appear to fall  from great heights, but the annoyed* ‘rrraaaAOORHG’  sound closing in would give them away to any unheeding camper below. Perhaps they are distant cousins that defected from the wild to make a living in the gaming industry**.

Gosh.. I really need to get back to

* really! It sounds annoyed, apparently bears hate falling from the sky. This is understandable, considering  their less-than-aerodynamic build.

**hey, it’s good money even if you don’t like the work and it beats hanging around eating shrubs all day.

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