Turning 27..

I really don’t mind getting older if it means having parties like this one. Wow.

Really wonderful people (and yes that does include my in-laws), wonderful thoughtful presents, great music, and lots of booze and munchies. There were some surprise appearances of people I really wanted to see but didn’t expect to be there (you know who you are) and of course the rest of you whom I dearly love and really couldn’t celebrate without. I am always deeply touched by the friends and family that go through the trouble of travelling all the way to Ubbergen from places like Groningen or elsewhere just to give me a hug and have a beer in celebration.

As you can see there are pictures, yay! Sadly we don’t have any pictures of the interesting discussions on my doorstep (was the weather great or what?), or of the walk to the ‘Persingse veer’ when it turned out to be morning all of a sudden.

Anyways, it was great. The last people left at 14:30 the next day, which is pretty neat. So thanks everyone for being there (and saying I lost weight). Let’s do it again next year!

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